Rogue Protection Group is a veteran-owned and operated business that provides superior personal protection education, weapon manipulation training and protection assessment services. RPG offers tactically-motivated and multi-platform firearm classes, firearm education classes, unarmed and edged weapon training, traditional Japanese Ninjutsu, personal and home protection education, and business risk assessment. 

Our instructors are highly experienced in both military-security and civilian-security operations and are NRA Instructor certified.

Kelly Sparlin


Kelly is an internationally licensed instructor with 20 years of security, combat, and martial arts experience. While serving 12 years in the U.S. Navy he spent a significant amount of time with the Special Operations Dive Community, leaving with extensive training, qualifications, and certifications to support his tactical knowledge. After separating from the Navy, Kelly spent 2 years in Japan training directly under the Ninja Grand Master Masaaki Hatsumi. In 2013, he graduated from CRI, a world-renowned counter terrorism training school specializing in the Israeli counter-terrorism and shooting methods. The combination of physical security, tactical and martial arts training gives Kelly a unique approach to his instructional style that demonstrates his versatility and dedication to various forms of combat. 

Additional certifications and instructional areas of expertise include: Hand to hand combat, CQB/CQC, unconventional/edge weaponry, offensive/defensive driving, PSD and body guarding, search and rescue diving supervisor, PADI dive master, NRA law enforcement firearms instructor, Oregon DPSST certified for armed and unarmed private security, Oregon DPSST certified instructor for armed and unarmed private security, Oregon DPSST Unarmed Private Security Sub-Committee Board Member, hyperbaric chamber supervisor, NRA certified for personal protection in the home/basic pistol/home firearm safety, NRA certified to teach concealed weapon classes for Oregon and Arizona, CPR/first aid/ACLS/AED certified.

DJ Marshall

DJ Marshall


Mr. Marshall was born and raised in Houston, Texas where he spent a significant amount of time learning the in’s and out’s of firearms. In 1997 he enlisted in the Army. During his 7 years of service, he attended numerous trainings including Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC, Ft. Polk, LA), National Training Center (NTC in Ft. Irwin, CA), and Combat Maneuver Training Center (CMTC in Hohenfels, Germany) where he helped facilitate training of a deploying unit.


Mike Swartz, PA-C

Mr. Swartz is a 31 year Army Veteran, enlisted and officer in conventional infantry, medical, and special forces units. His multiple deployments include the Middle East, Central America, Eastern Europe, SE Asia, Bangladesh and North America. He holds degrees in Nursing, Medicine, and Counterinsurgency, and pioneered multiple established techniques in austere medicine. Mike teaches classes all over the world in disaster and austere medicine, and is RPG's medical instructor.

Dustin Hagglund

Mr. Hagglund enlisted into the USMC in 2008, and is still serving today as an Infantry Squad Leader in the Oregon National Guard. Dustin has been on two deployments to Afghanistan (once with the USMC and once with the National Guard). He gained valuable training through the 22nd Marine Expeditionary unit by conducting operations in various countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He is currently working as a Tactical Training and Compliance Officer for a security company and long range instructor at RPG.

Schools and Certifications include: Pathfinder, Air Assault, Advanced Infantry Machine Guns Leaders Course, Combat Hunter Course, Warriors Leaders Course, SOTG, MEU(SOC), Infantry Small Unit Tactics, Terrorism Awareness, Armed DPSST, and Pepperball Instructor.








Trista Sparlin

Mrs. Sparlin has a BS in Psychology, serves as Board Secretary at JCSA, Executive Manager for Oregon DPSST, and teaches RPG's youth firearm education class.