You don't live in just any home, it’s your home. This home holds more than the possessions that you worked so hard to buy, it is the barrier between what can be harmful in this world and your family. Let RPG assist you in safeguarding what matters most with a home and property security assessment. We know that all homes are not built the same and not everyone needs the same home assessment.

The following are services we offer to make your property more secure:

  • Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Family Codes
  • Perimeter Security Evaluation
  • Family-Orientated Safety Drills
  • Internal Property Security Evaluation
  • Entry-Way Weak Points
  • Internal/External Weak Points
  • Garage Entry
  • Intruder Response Drills
  • Basic Room Clearing

$250 for Initial Assessment

*Initial Assessment includes a 2 hour property walk through and an individualized assessment plan outlining suggested improvements and a training plan.