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Tactical Shooter 1

Duration- 1 day, October 11, 2018

Cost- $200

Location- Josephine County Sportsman Park, 7407 Highland Ave. GP, Oregon

Pre Requisites- Shooters must show the basic skills of safe gun handling and proof of shooting experience. Proof of shooting experience can be one of the following: NRA Basic pistol certificate, Military DD-214, RPG Pistol level 1 certificate, or demonstrate the pre-course assessment. Persons who are convicted felons, have a documented history of mental illness, or who have been convicted of domestic violence need not apply.

Required Equipment- Weapons (carbine and pistol), sling, ammunition (300 rounds for carbine and 150 for pistol), eye and ear protection, elbow and knee pads (suggested, not required), magazines (at least 2 additional for each) and holster (inside and outside of waistband for pistol needed), suitable range attire, notebook and pen, sunscreen, hydration.

Course Summary- These methods and techniques are designed to provide you with the best information and drills possible to ensure you can operate at your peak performance. This course emphasizes the basic uses, manipulations, and transitions to allow you to operate in any situation.

This Course Includes-
• Carbine knowledge and safe handling
• Fundamentals of carbine shooting
• Carry positions
• Ready positions
• Shooting positions
• Aiming/sighting/and compensation
• Safety manipulation
• After action drills
• Malfunction recovery
• Tactical/Emergency reloads
• Transitioning from primary to secondary
and secondary to primary
• Introduction to Defensive Shooting
• Basic Defensive Pistol Skills
• Concealing vs. open carry
• Drawing from concealed carry
• Drawing from open carry
• How to use a pistol at EXTREME CLOSE RANGE
• Further Training Opportunities
• Course Review and Examination

Earlier Event: October 10
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Later Event: October 12
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