Intermediate Carbine Course

COST- $250


RPG Basic Carbine or equivalent training. RPG Defensive Pistol 1 or equivalent training. Proof of shooting experience can be one of the following: Military DD-214, Prior LE/Private Contract/Armed Guard experience, or demonstrate the pre-course assessment.   Persons who are convicted felons, have a documented history of mental illness, or who have been convicted of domestic violence need not apply.


  • Weapons (carbine),

  • sling,

  • ammunition (300 rounds for carbine),

  • eye and ear protection,

  • elbow and knee pads (suggested, not required),

  • magazines and holster,

  • chest rig/kit, 

  • suitable range attire,

  • notebook and pen,

  • sunscreen,

  • hydration.


1.       This course expands upon beginner knowledge to broaden and elevate your overall carbine competency.

2.      This course was designed to teach and expand the skillsets needed to effectively and safely engaging with a secondary weapon.


·         Engaging various targets

·         Shooting from cover

·         Rapid recovery from malfunction

·         Introduction to stress drills

·         Shooting on the move

·        Expansion of Defensive Shooting

·        Perfecting weapon retention and manipulation

·        Holster drawing while engaged

·        Foot work and body manipulation

·        Overcoming weapon fixation

·        Strategic use of surrounding items

·        Course Review and Examination